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The Only Permissions Management Platform
Born in the Cloud for the Cloud.

Built from the ground up to protect enterprises from the #1 threat to cloud infrastructure - human and non-human identities with excessive high-risk permissions. Our team of cybersecurity experts will uncover your cloud identity and access management risk profile - in less than 24 hours.


The Only Permissions Management Platform

Why CloudKnox?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Security Operation teams are being asked to do the impossible – manage and secure multiple, complex, and vastly different cloud platforms while keeping up with the never-ending expansion of new machine and human identities, accounts, resources, services and privileges.

CloudKnox proactively addresses insider threats by delivering continuous detection and remediation of over-privileged machine and human users leveraging our patented Activity-based Authorization APIs.

We make it simple – When a new cloud platform or service is added, you won’t have to hire expensive experts, write complicated scripts, or invest in training. See who has user access to your multi-cloud environment and cloud apps. Protect both privileged and non-privileged user accounts and prevent unauthorized access to web apps and cloud applications from external networks, users and services. CloudKnox gives you real-time, adaptive monitoring and auditing of user access for suspicious activity.

90 % of

have the ability to impact your infrastructure adversely

Yet, most enterprises don’t know which identities have access to critical resources and which actions they are performing.

Know Your Insider Threat Risk

Learn your organization's insider risk profile with CloudKnox Privilege Creep Index™ technology, which generates valuable insights about your ability to enforce the Principle of Least Privilege and zero trust across your hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure.

Least privilege access helps protect and secure privileged credentials, data and assets by limiting user access from within the network. So, if an attacker accesses your IT environment, the risk of gaining access to a privileged account is reduced, therefore reducing the risk of data breach.

Know Your Insider Threat Risk

Data That Makes Sense

CloudKnox normalizes machine and human user activity across all clouds. We deliver streamlined reports and functionality that make complex data easy to understand. Then you can take immediate action to right-size privileges and mitigate avoidable risk.

Gain visibility of the full cloud IAM picture to assess, prioritize, and remediate improper permission combinations that grant unintended or overly permissive access. Explore effective access by principal user, resource, or application, and understand true access to complex IAM combinations.

Data That Makes Sense

Preventing the Next Security Breach

CloudKnox IAM Solutions continuously monitor every user and digital identity action on every resource across any cloud for anomalies and suspicious behavior. Our cloud identity management automation alerts you to the first signs of potential danger.

Discover, prevent, and recover from cyber threats faster. Our identity management solution helps you identify more threats faster and allows you to proactively mitigate attacks. Prevent security threats by detecting anomalous activity such as a change in geo-location, client type, or unusual activity.

Preventing the Next Security Breach
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CloudKnox offers us a unique identity privilege management solution that has immediately transformed the way we uncover over-provisioned identities as well as the way we right-size and enforce least-privilege policies across our AWS environment.

Jon Roller, CIO – Horsley Bridge Partners

CloudKnox's security solution is an important element in securing our critical infrastructure. I was impressed that they were able to successfully deploy in 30 minutes. I didn't believe them and actually timed them!

Mark Kuhr, CTO – Synack

The CloudKnox Difference

True Multi-Cloud


CloudKnox supports all key cloud platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, active directory, VPN, and many different cloud services.

1-Click Remediation


Automate your roles and grant privileges on demand with user provisioning. Discover and fix violations against computer security best practices and compliance standards.

Access Control


Deep visibility into all user identities, activities, and resources. Single interface with an easy to navigate user experience so you can view of all identities, actions, and admin accounts.

Rapid Deployment


Streamline your visibility into your environment in less than 24 hours with minimal user impact. We'll ensure your endpoints, workspaces, and workflows are protected from any future cyber attacks.

Award Winning Solutions

CloudKnox Security is recognized in the industry for our innovative approach to critical infrastructure protection.

2019 Cyber Security Excellence Awards Winner
Info Security Products Guide 2019 Global Excellence Gold Award
RSA C Innovation Sandbox 2019 Finalist
vmworld 2019 Best of VMworld Judges' Choice Startup Spotlight
2020 Cyber Security Excellence Awards Winner
Info Security Products Guide 2020 Global Excellence Gold Award
Info Security Products Guide 2020 Global Excellence Silver Award
Info Security Products Guide 2020 Global Excellence Bronze Award
Tagcyber 2021 Distinguished Vendor
2020 SINET 16 Innovator Award