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We Transform the Way Enterprises Protect Their Cloud Infrastructure from Insider Threats

Our Story

CloudKnox Security was born out of real operational challenges that Balaji Parimi faced in his previous roles. In his IT organizations, there was no way to ascertain which users where doing what to which resources. After considerable research, Balaji realized there were no real applications available that could give him answers – and solutions. 

It became clear that there was a massive gap in the market. Enterprises lack complete visibility and control of their cloud infrastructure. When this happens, IAM and security operation teams cannot determine what actions are being performed by which users on their critical cloud resources, leaving them wide open to accidental or intentional privilege misuse.

Balaji’s vision was to build a SaaS platform for the cloud that would render static legacy models like Role-based Access Controls (RBAC) and expensive, time-intensive manual processes obsolete. Balaji’s journey led him to invent Activity-based Authorization – a dynamic data-driven protocol that collects and analyzes in real-time the activity of machine and human identities across multiple cloud platforms.

Today – the CloudKnox platform is changing the paradigm for how enterprises implement and continuously enforce the principle of least privilege across clouds.  We do this by fundamentally abstracting out the layer of complexity associated with managing the exponential growth of machine identities, services, privileges, and resources across different cloud operating models.

As enterprises embrace the cloud and its technology, they often lack the level of visibility and insight required to understand what operations their machine and human identities perform on their cloud infrastructure. CloudKnox not only provides granular visibility and deep insights, but we also give our customers a simple and quick way to mitigate the risks they uncover.

Balaji Parimi, CEO and Founder, CloudKnox Security

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver granular visibility into each action that every human and machine identity performs on all cloud resources – without exception. We streamline all activity across four key cloud platforms, and our customers get easily consumable data that makes it simple to take immediate action and significantly reduce insider risk.

About Us

CloudKnox Security Inc. transforms the way enterprises protect their critical cloud resources from insider threats. We empower IAM, security operations, and cloud infrastructure teams to continuously monitor and enforce the principle of least privilege across hybrid and multi-clouds using our patented Activity-based Authorization Protocol. CloudKnox deploys in minutes to deliver granular visibility, actionable insights, and control of machine and human identities with excessive high-risk privileges from day one.