The Identity Privilege Challenge

50x increase in identities accessing infrastructure
machine identities will outnumber humans by 20x within 5 years
30K privileges across all key cloud platforms
50% are considered high-risk privileges
<1% of privileges are ever used
>90% of identities can adversely impact infrastructure

Why expose your cloud infrastructure to unnecessary risk if you don't have to?

Enterprises embracing the cloud don't have the level of visibility needed to understand who has access to their infrastructure, what operations are they authorized to execute, what actions have they taken and which resources have they impacted.

Modern cloud infrastructure has effectively created "Super Identities"

These "Super Identities" harness extraordinary powers that can accidentally or intentionally impact your business.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey – the CloudKnox Risk Assessment helps you uncover and improve your cloud identity risk profile.

With our no cost, no obligation
Cloud Identity Risk Assessment you will be able to:

Understand your current cloud identity risk posture
Identify the areas of greatest risk and opportunities for mitigation
Improve your risk profile with actionable insights and recommendations
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