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Our latest integration of CloudKnox SaaS with AWS Config and AWS Systems Manager as outlined here continuously records and evaluates user access in AWS and then automates the rightsizing of AWS IAM permissions in real time for that user.  Join us on May 4th at 10am PT / 1pm ET as we dive into how this integration helps enterprises achieve their goal of right-sized permissions and work towards a Zero Trust Access Model.

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Enterprises across the world continue to accelerate their digital transformation by rapidly adopting multi/hybrid-cloud infrastructure. Adoption of these technologies offers organizations opportunities to modernize services and transform operations. However, security and compliance risks remain the greatest barriers to cloud adoption. Combine this with the complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments and a shortage of skills; and you arrive at major roadblocks to achieving a Zero Trust framework. A major pillar of the Zero Trust model is the ability to limit excessive user entitlements in order to reduce the risk exposure. As a result, the problem of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) has become critical.

Listen to CloudKnox and Intuitive Technology Partners discuss the best ways to break down the barriers and map out how enterprises can achieve Zero Trust.

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Listen to CloudKnox and Wipro discuss the key findings Wipro uncovered in the State of Cyber Security Report and dive into the challenges organizations face in properly managing identities across their cloud infrastructures. With the evolution of cloud security, on-going permissions and entitlements management is fundamental to protecting your organization from the next generation of cloud security threats.
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Watch Jon Roller, CIO of Horsley Bridge Partners, and Joshua Kirkes, Director of Technology and Cybersecurity at Horsley Bridge Partners speak with CloudKnox Security on the latest cloud infrastructure security trends and predictions for 2021. Topics include, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), and Zero Trust Access, amongst others.

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In this webinar Michael Raggo of CloudKnox, will take a look at Gartner’s newly defined category called Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM). CIEM defines the next generation of solutions for managing access to permissions and enforcing least privilege in the cloud.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Discover who (identities) is doing what, where (resources) and when across your cloud infrastructure
  • Manage risk by giving identities just-enough and just-in-time permissions to perform their daily tasks and nothing more
  • Monitor identity activity changes and prioritize alerts based on risk level associated with anomalous behavior
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Be dazzled by a brilliant magician while CloudKnox Security and GuidePoint Security discuss:

  • How to minimize your risk of exposing your organization to permissions misuse and abuse
  • What the top 5 cloud permissions risks are and how to remediate them to avoid mass destruction
  • How to uncover your cloud identity and access management risks to avoid insider threats and external attacks
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In this webinar with Dave Shackleford of the SANS Institute and Michael Raggo of CloudKnox, we take a look at Gartner’s newly defined category called Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM). CIEM defines the next generation of solutions for managing access to permissions and enforcing least privilege in the cloud.


Don Pezet, Peter VanRysdam
ITProTV – Technado

In this episode of Technado, Balaji Parimi from CloudKnox joined the crew to talk about staying secure across multiple cloud providers. He also discussed a study that shows that large cloud providers are less likely to be breached. In other news, the team talked about Microsoft’s Linux kernel update, the quality of Walmart’s Gateway computers, an FBI report about credential stuffing attacks on banks, the Zerologon attack, and how much IoT traffic is from a single botnet.

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You know your cloud environment is only as secure as your ability to properly assign, manage, and monitor your machine and human identity permissions. But, did you know that the delta between permissions granted and permissions used is sometimes as high as 99%? CloudKnox Security calls this the Cloud Permissions Gap, and sufficiently addressing the gap means tackling the hidden risks that are creating it or making it worse.

Watch our digital workshop to learn more.

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Watch CloudKnox and Horsley Bridge Partners’ discussion on the new insider threat that financial services organizations face as they increasingly leverage the cloud. Hear some of the strategies that Horsley Bridge employed to mitigate this growing threat.

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Why are machine identities the newest and most menacing threat to your cloud infrastructure? Do you need to treat machine identities differently than human identities? And most importantly, what can you do today and in the future to mitigate the growing risk machine identities pose to your organizations?

Watch CloudKnox Founder and CEO, Balaji Parimi, as he answers these questions, and more.

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The principle of least privilege is easy to understand, but achieving it is like the search for the holy grail. Traditional security tools and models make it complex, if not impossible, to effectively implement in the cloud. Watch as Cloud Expert, Michael Raggo, CISSP, NSA-IAM, CSI, examines a new and more dynamic approach to implementing least privilege policies across both hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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