Protecting critical resources with CloudKnox's Cloud Security Platform and AWS IAM Access Analyzer

The Identity Privilege Challenge

50x increase in identities accessing infrastructure
machine identities will outnumber humans by 20x within 5 years
10K unique privileges across AWS services and growing
50% are considered high-risk privileges
<1% of privileges are ever used
>90% of identities can adversely impact infrastructure

As enterprises accelerate their adoption of AWS to support hybrid and multi cloud deployments – their identity teams are struggling to keep up with the proliferation of identities, privileges, resources and services across multiple AWS accounts.

Moreover, infrastructure teams need to account and attribute AWS roles on a continuous basis without exposing organizations to risk.

Couple the degree of collaboration it takes to mitigate exposed risks and enforce least privilege policies across your AWS environment – it's been impossible to do up to now.

The CloudKnox Security Platform for AWS supports the lifecycle management of identities, actions and resources using Activity-based Authorization

Multi-dimensional view of AWS infrastructure: identities, actions, resources
Continuous, automated enforcement of least privilege policies across AWS identities
Anomaly detection for AWS identities, actions and resources
Integrated audit and compliance engine for AWS Resources

Avoid unnecessary risk of over-privileged identities

The inflexible nature of static roles and manual processes inevitably leads to identities acquiring many more privileges than they use.

There is a better way with CloudKnox's Activity-based Authorization model.

Know your AWS risk posture with CloudKnox’s Privilege Creep Index

Continuously assess, monitor and manage your AWS identities, actions, roles and resources.

Privilege right-sizing with the click of a button

Automate and simplify the management of identity privileges and immediately remediate to improve your security risk posture and prevent privilege credential misuse.

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