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CloudKnox Security is the only Cloud Security Platform built from the ground up for Identity Authorization Administration across hybrid cloud environments

The CloudKnox platform addresses the most significant unmanaged risk for hybrid cloud environments – overprivileged identities

We provide a single platform that manages the identity privilege life cycle across any private and public cloud, enabling significant reduction in risk from compromised credentials, accidents, and malicious insiders.

“Today’s dynamic infrastructure demands a different approach to manage risks. One keystroke can deploy thousands of cloud workloads and can also destroy thousands of workloads and take down a business. Our approach is built on our belief that enterprises need a single cloud security platform that goes beyond visibility and provides a simple and flexible way to remediate and prevent risks without impacting productivity and trust.”

Balaji Parimi, CEO and founder of CloudKnox 

We wanted to answer these key questions:

Who can touch the infrastructure?

How many identities have access to it?

What privileges do they have? 

What can they do with those privileges?

What privileges are they actually using?

What is the risk and how can we mitigate that risk?

Balaji founded CloudKnox Security based on his vision for a different approach to managing identity privileges at the infrastructure level

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